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30 Jul 2019

The perfect warm summer day under the pines, a modern bohemian vibe, and totally-in-love couple 

30 Jul 2019

Words from the photographer: 

After such a successful and fun engagement shoot with Megan and Josh I knew this was going to be an unforgettable wedding day and, sure enough, it was! The day itself was absolutely gorgeous! It had been raining intensely for a week, but the weather was perfect when their wedding day arrived at Prospect House!

At the risk of sounding cliche, I truly believe these two were made for each other and honestly, I can’t think of a better way to say it than that! The amount of love and affection I’ve witnessed between Megan and Josh as their wedding photographer is enough to move anyone’s heart. I’ll never forget the moments when they eac...

30 Jul 2019

Words from the photographer: 

How He Asked:

Kevin and I had known of each other from school, since we were about 9 years old, but little did we know we would end up together! 

I moved to Crystal Lake, IL when I was in 4th grade. Crystal Lake is one of my favorite places that I had ever lived. I lived there for 3 years and knew of Kevin through school and because my sister Justine did Special Olympics with Kevin's brother, Scott. Kevin happened to be Justine's basketball coach for her Special Olympics team at the time.

My family moved away from Illinois, to Massachusetts, when I was in 6th grade and I was heartbroken leaving my friends. Over the years (13 of them...

30 Jul 2019

Words from the photographer: 

This was an incredibly fun event to be a part of and knowing that this was going to be my last inspiration shoot for a while, I couldn’t be happier ending on this note! I thought it’d be great to have our amazing coordinator, Jazmin, share a quick note about the inspiration behind the shoot, so without any further ado, here’s what she had to say…!

The Inspiration behind this wild and free western elopement shoot was completely centered around the intricate work of the bride model’s gorgeous dress while the delicate hair and makeup added a light and airy touch to complete the bride’s gorgeous look.

The decor and florals combined per...

26 Jul 2019

Words from the photographer: 

Amanda and Ryan were the funniest and sweetest couple! Amanda and I have known each other for years now, we have a big group of friends who all used to work at the same restaurant back in the day and some of us are still together, married or are getting married. Amanda and Ryan have been together for 10 years now, these two giggled the whole way through their session which made taking photos of them extremely easy! They brought along there energetic dog Oliver who is just as crazy and fun as my dog Ollie. Rexhame beach in Marshfield is one of the only "dog friendly" beaches year around thats close to Boston. It was so worth the 5...

26 Jul 2019

Words from the photographer: 

 "An Ethereal Windswept Mountaintop Elopement" which took place  in Asheville, North Carolina within the Blue Ridge Mountains. The exact spot is known as Black Balsam Knob! 

This shoot was such a dream for myself and the vendors involved! We were a small group, but we had a lot of heart to see this dream come into a reality! Our models were a real-life couple who are insanely cute together and who did a fantastic job! 


Coordination + Photography : Elizabeth Ladean Photography 

Coordination + Music: Benjamin T Warner DJ Musician

Florals: Fern + Flora Studios

Models: Brooklyn + Carter


25 Jul 2019

Words from the photographer: 

We connected with Clarice and Ryan and after learning about their story of how they met, we started to toss around ideas as to where we could take their engagement photos. We both agreed upon the desert, with howling winds and dark skies in the forecast, the weather played to our benefit as we were able to capture the moody scenery of the desert. Take a look at a few of our favorites from their session!

25 Jul 2019

On an extremely windy day in Joshua Tree this gorgeous elopement was created by amazing vendors.

24 Jul 2019

Hans and Lauras love story: 

Long version: The hilarious story of our beginning set the tone for our entire relationship. It's unconventional, weird, laughable, and doesn't really make sense. 

It was December of 2011, a snowy Friday evening in Milwaukee, WI. Laura was out on the town with her friends, Hans was out with his friends. The two parties both end up at Red Rocks Saloon (yes, spoiler, you CAN find love in a hopeless place). Girl and boy lock eyes across the dance floor. Boy approaches. Though both unskilled, boy and girl "dance". Girl gives boy a fake name BUT a real phone number. And thus, Holly was born. 

For 4 months, Hans corresponds with "Holl...

23 Jul 2019

Words from Tracey M. Events:

The theme of "The Garden of Good and Evil" was what this wedding editorial was all about.

We wanted to create something dreamy and magical with a touch of playfulness. We had an incredible team who worked so well together. 

This in no way means that there were not problems... 

One of the funniest things ever, was that there was a slant on the hill so the cherry blossom trees would not stay put even with the sand bags. While the photographer Rosetta was getting couple shots, the team from the decor company had to sit on a chair and hold onto one tree each until the photos of the ceremony could be taken. They might not have found it so...

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