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22 Aug 2019

This travel engagement session by Garden House Films will take your travel senses to the next level. So get ready to add Seattle to your photo capturing bucket list! 

The overcast beach views sets the scene for some type of romantic movie. The couple is surrounded by gorgeous views, and yet they stick out the most in the photos. 

The other couple walks around a rainforest that has a mossy magical look as their background, which without a doubt brings out the romance in their eyes. 

If you are reading this and you’re a photographer - do you travel for sessions?

Is it the sense of adventure? The joy of seeing new places? Maybe you like to see the couple in their e...

20 Aug 2019

Off Magazine St. in New Orleans at II Mercato a styled photoshoot takes place and everything about it beams elegance. From the beautiful tablescapes to the creative flatlays, and let’s not forget the perfectly styled cocktails. 

The bridal gown surrounded by the venue and florals makes the classic lavender tones shine through, which also brings out the classic black of the tuxedo.

The creators of this photo shoot knew exactly how to bring out elegance in every.single.detail.

Which part of this photoshoot is your favorite? We hope it leaves you feeling inspired with elegance.

19 Aug 2019

Did you have your best friend by your side on your wedding day? 

Most brides do. And many brides can’t imagine their big day without their best friend. 

Well one of Sarah’s best friends is her horse, Pecos. Just like all brides, Sarah couldn’t imagine not including her best friend. Kate Pease Photography was able to capture a beautiful bridal session with Sarah and Pecos! Pecos almost stole the bride's thunder, said Kate. A beautiful floral collar for Pecos was created by Abigail Hubley, the florist, to fit the bridal theme. These two are quite a beautiful pair, glowing in the sunlit meadow. 

16 Aug 2019

Most couples opt to wait for warmer weather, but there are always a few couples who choose winter. Some couples would rather embrace the weather for some unique and incredible photos, or chose a gorgeous unique indoor location like Hayley and Ben did. 

And some photographers love winter engagement sessions, like Messy Photography! 

“They are always my favorite as so few couples chose them that they just feel so special and unique to me. Especially since we shot at Botanical and were taking pictures in the desert room at one point,” said Messy Photography. 

And when you have two of the sweetest people in front of a camera, you see that they radiate with love for...

16 Aug 2019

How did you meet?

Powell and I met on a dating app, called "Hinge". We were first introduced to each other through a mutual friend that the app had recommended. Tyler was drawn to Powell's profile by the dog - and his witty captions got her past the pictures of him with a mustache. Powell liked Tyler's confident smile, and when his pre-first date research unearthed her athletic career at Davidson, he was even more impressed.

We met for drinks, and after a few minutes of conversation, Powell said "Crap ... You're totally my type." The rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal?

Visiting my parents in Lake Adger, NC, Powell and I returned to one of our first hike...

16 Aug 2019

Summer Lovin’ had me a blast...

Summer Lovin’ happened so fast...

Met a girl crazy for me...

Met a boy sweet as can be...

This fierce beautiful couple met not too long ago and enjoyed every summer moment! Between the motorcycle rides, hugs and kisses, they created a great summer together!

16 Aug 2019

The wind will take you away with us, to the middle of the desert where you can see a beautiful redheaded couple in a boho wedding inspired design. This made a pretty dramatic photo shoot and we think its the perfect touch to the end of summer.

The warm tones helped calm down the mood. 

The bride’s braided crown placed perfectly in her hair. 

The groom’s boho tie withstood the gusty winds.

The dried floral bouquet brought out her beautiful skin color through the boho dress.

16 Aug 2019

This elegant bohemian awe-inspiring photo shoot all started with a wedding dress. Needless to say, this dress, demanded the attention of the creatives at Big Time Creatives! It’s stunning and sexy, sophisticated and stylish, but also showed no hint of traditional appeal. The bride would have to be really sure of who she is and unafraid to take risks. We wondered what bride would want or could pull this dress off. 

And with a dress like that, a groom style was needed that could “keep up.” That’s when Big Time Creatives fell in love with the burgundy velvet tux jacket. The two models and their outfits paired beautifully together; classic, sophisticated and hip...

10 Aug 2019

Within the Glamis Sand Dunes of California, this beautiful styled bridal session took place. Its 

Neutral earthy tones of the landscape and flowers bring out the natural beauty of the boho bridal gown. The models capture the styled theme perfectly as they stand out in all of the different photo frames; both up close and from afar. 

10 Aug 2019

From the photographer:

I couldn’t think of a more perfect start to the first day of summer than Claire and Buck’s gorgeous wedding at the L in downtown Greenville! The warm weather, blue skies, bright pinks and beautiful flowers all surrounded by so much joy and love is exactly what summer should be like every day! And wait until you see the bow on the back of Claire’s dress, it’s exactly what southern wedding dreams are made of!

And speaking of dreams, Claire and Buck were a dream to work with. These two felt like old friends from the moment we met them at their engagement shoot. We spent so much time laughing and smiling that I just knew their wedding day wa...

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