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Rancho Palos Verdes Intimate Wedding

August 15, 2018


Paul and Amireh met in Australia, where Paul is from while Amireh was on vacation. They stayed in touch and of course fell in love.  Amireh decided to move to Bali to be with Paul who owns a beautiful vacation resort there. The couple had a traditional Persian wedding at Amireh's parents beautiful home in the hills of Rancho Palos Verdes which included the traditional sofreh.  Amireh's father is an amazing jeweler and made her the most gorgeous jewelry to wear on her wedding day. Her pink gemstone wedding ring is also very unique because of it's rarity. The details and traditions of their day were beautiful! They were surrounded by their family and friends and it was a true celebration filled with love. The home was just steps away from Trump National Golf course so the photographer took advantage of the cliffs and sunset for some romantic couple portraits. They will return to Bali for a second ceremony where more of Paul's family and friends can attend and they will reside there as well. 








Here is their story as told by the bride...


"Our story is an interesting one, at least we like to think so.  


Paul is from Perth, Australia.  I am from Los Angeles, CA, from a very traditional Persian, Muslim family.  Paul was raised Christian but was not practicing when we met.  Paul and I met in August of 2016 while I was on vacation and he was on staycation!  He was living on Gili Meno for about 1 year managing his villas.  Managing is a stretch as he was mostly relaxing on his beautiful beach.  He had inherited his uncle's business which is the first tourist accommodation on Gili Meno, Mallias Bungalows, dating back to 1985 (some say 1983).  Gili Meno is a very remote and small, 5 km around the whole island, that is a Robinson Crusoe experience with no cars, fluctuating electricity and fresh water that up until a year ago was delivered by traditional wooden boat.s  


I was on an extended holiday, doing some soul searching, some fun searching, some fish searching and searching for adventure in general.  I had spent the month before I met Paul in Dharamsala, India, completing my 500 hour yoga certificate and Reiki certification.  Our meeting was serendipity - I had applied for the wrong visa in India and was forced to leave India early without completing my Reiki program.  


Some of my classmates highly recommended Bali and the Gilis.  So I put a trip together last minute and landed in Ubud to do more yoga.  After a week I took the ferry to Gili Trawangan to spend a week diving.  That is when I met Paul, sitting at my dive center one morning.  He was chatting with my local dive guide and had been partying on Gili T the night before and had been stranded without a way back to Gili Meno - the neighboring island.  I went diving as planned, not thinking about this new mystery guy and my dive guide began to talk about Paul on the boat telling me how nice he is, to which I responded "who is Paul?"  When we got back to land, Paul was at the dive center and we had a very long conversation.  He was indeed very nice.  We went to lunch and I told him I was leaving Gili T for another island nearby to continue diving with the hopes of seeing mantas.  Paul had never seen mantas and so I invited him along.  He said yes!  


The next day we met on Lembongan and spent a few days together before he invited me to Bali.  In total we spent a week together and had an amazing time.  I left Bali to continue my adventure search as I had planned before I met Paul.  I went to Morocco, Spain, Greece, and the Philippines and all the while Paul and I stayed in touch everyday.  We agreed I would return to Gili Meno so we could spend more time together.  After one month, I returned to Meno and Paul and I spend 3 weeks together - we prepared for and threw a wedding for his close friends at the villas, we joined them on their honeymoon, we traveled together and we fell in love. 


But I had to return to the states to fulfill a contract.  I spent 1 month in the states and then returned to Gili Meno in November.  I began working as the GM at the villas.  We reorganized the whole business and in February, almost the entire staff of 30 people walked out.  Paul and I ran the villas with 4 people.  With 2 kitchen staff, we stayed open and the two of us ran bar, did waiter service and cleaned rooms.  It was a tough few months but it brought us together even more.  One night after an 18 hour shift, Paul proposed in the reception area of the villas.  About a month after we were pregnant with a baby girl, Aleyah.  We had our first religious marriage ceremony with all my friends and family in Los Angeles in June after Paul converted to Islam in Lombok, Indonesia.  We had our second marriage ceremony in Bali in July with all of Paul's friends and family.  We now live in Bali so we can have access to hospitals and a steady supply of fresh water."


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