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How to have a 100% publication rate

October 1, 2018


Submitting to blogs is something that is on EVERYONES minds lately. Everyone loves to see their work published ( I mean who doesn't)  by blogs or even in print magazines. We thought it would be cool to share some secrets with you on how to have a 100% publication rate. We got to talk with Raleigh, North Carolina photographer Amber Robinson to give you some in-site on what makes your photos publishable and also how to obtain that 100% publication rate. Photographers you won't want to miss this one. 






How do you submit for publication? 

Shooting and submitting for publication is something Amber has completly figured out. She explains that there are many benefits to having her work featured by online and print publications, and she strives to have every couple that she shoots featured on some platform other than her own. She achieves this by a strategic shooting plan for each session or event, and with the help of Two Bright Lights, a editorial submission clearinghouse that allows Amber to create editorial submissions and send them to editors in batches. 


Do you like to write a story with your submissions? 

Writing a story to accompany a submission is a great way to increase the likelihood of that submission getting published. Basically, the less editors have to do, the greater the chance they will publish a submission. Amber sends out a questionnaire to every couple who book with her that gives her some insight into their story. Most editors love to get a story that contains at least 200-250 words that describe the couple, how they met, what their interests are, what makes the session you are submitting unique, and highlighting special details. Amber explains that the more you give to the editor, the less work they have to do the make the submission publication ready. 


When collaborating with people for styled shoots do you like to have an impute with style and design and the story? 

Amber prefers to create the concept for her inspiration shoots herself. By doing this, she can be sure that the content is on brand for her business and fits in seamlessly with her ideal client and existing branding. Choosing a vendor team who has a proven track record of not only fulfilling their creative obligation, but who will also stay on set and help.  But that isn't always possible. When she doesn't have creative control, Amber asks LOTS of questions of the planning team before she commits. One of the things that is very important to Amber when shooting a styled shoot is "does this shoot fill a creative gap?" and "Does this shoot in someway express inclusiveness and or diversity" if the answer to these two questions is no, most likely Amber will pass on the opportunity. 


You have a 100% publication rate, how? 

Shooting FOR publication is how Amber explains she is able to maintain a 100% publication rate. Paying special detail to story telling elements in a shoot, capturing details that will help sell a session, styling and the written content that go along with a submission are all important elements to assuring that shoots will get accepted for publication. For example, if Amber has a May engagement session, she is planning mentally for how that session can get published. Whether its incorporating a patriotic color scheme in the wardrobe and adding a few sparkler shots she can submit as a "Romantic 4th of July Engagement Session" in June for July publication or having the couple pack a picnic basket and champagne so it can be submitted as a fun loving summer picnic, the idea is to think about how a normal session can be sold as extraordinary. Whether its through location, styling, or detail. When shooting a wedding, what do you do differently than others? Amber explains that she overshoots the details, and will bring along her own kit of styling items to help elevate those details. Shooting mostly vertical images also gives Amber an edge over mostly horizontal shooters. And speaking of having an edge over other photographers, Amber swears by sharing high resolution, unwatermarked images with the entire vendor team in less than a week. Amber believes that the practice of hoarding images "until its published" is antiquated and selfish. She explains that even most exclusive publications don't stipulate that images can't be shares online via the vendor platforms, only that no other inspiration publication can have published it. 



Who else is ready to submit some amazing photos to blogs and print publications? We can't wait to see what y'all talk from this. Show us all of your pretty things please! 



Here is a little about Ambers business along with some awesome photos that have been published over the last year. Ambers head shots are captured by 

Ashton Kelly Photography


Images by Amber Robinson is a Raleigh based wedding and photography business owned and operated by Amber Robinson.Amber began her professional photography career in 2009 and has gone from part time to full time entrepreneur managing not only her busy photography business, but her Photobooth company, Lil Photo Bus as well. Amber has been able to successfully grow her businesses by making relationships the corner stone of both her mission and value set. Amber believes that building mutually beneficial relationships with her clients as well as other wedding professionals is key. She explains to all of her wedding clients during the consultation phase that "you don't invite strangers to your wedding", and Amber goes out of her way to get to know her clients and connect with the rest of their wedding team during the planning phase. This, she explains, creates a sense of trust between Amber and her client, and ultimately creates friendships that last ling after the wedding day has come and gone. 








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