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Hosting a Bridal Show

October 15, 2018


Y'all everyone meet Leslianne. Leslianne is the owner and creative mind behind Beloved Ohio. Beloved Ohio are boutique bridal shows held in Northeast Ohio. We gained so much information on how to host a bridal show.


Creatives how many have you ever thought to yourself "I would love to host a bridal show". Network with Leslianne and your dreams will become a reality. Here is some inside info on Beloved Ohio, how to plan and why she started 

Photography by: Kayla lupean photography

Photography by: Loren Jackson photography,



How did Beloved Ohio Start -

Beloved Ohio started from my passion of connecting my catering clients to vendors I know, LOVE & trust.

We started with a small open house at a venue we work at a lot with 8-10 vendors and we've grown into hosting 4-6 boutique shows per year at venues all over Northeast Ohio.


Can you explain in detail the whole process of planning the bridal show?

I start by booking my dates about 8-12 months in advance.

About 4 months prior to the show I start reaching out to vendors for each event.

I mix them up and try to make sure that vendors aren't doing more than 2 of our shows per year.

I hand select everyone and am very picky about who I allow into the show - it's not just a free for all.


3. Why did you decided to start doing boutique bridal shows?

It really happened by accident - it just blossomed into what we are today.

I've been told I am just good at planning and promoting the shows that clients and vendors really appreciate. I can't really pinpoint what that is but I can tell you I am not pushy and I am

very protective about the show and how it's run and who participates.


Are you going to branch out to other states for bridal shows or stay within North East Ohio?

no plans to expand out of Ohio right now but I am definitely open to exploring that in the near future. (Trust us guys, you want this show to come to a location near you. We have attended a few of them and they are FABULOUS!!!) 


Photography by: Lizzie Schaffler Photography



Here is some information on Leslianne 

I've been working in the events industry for 22 years - started out as a fine dining server/bartender at a restaurant that had a private dining room. After that I worked for a high end caterer that worked with higher profile clients in Ohio all through college and still help them out every

now and then when I can. Did a short stint as a sales person for a linen rental company and realized very quickly I needed to be back on the planning side of things. I worked at a fine dining restaurant as their director of private dining and most recently I have been the VP of catering for a local restaurant chain for the last 8 and half years. Personally I am a mom to almost 19 year old sassy twin daughters and two sweet dogs and married to a comic book, music loving financial advisor. We live on a lake so we boat a lot and grill a lot. I love traveling, trying new food and drinks and when I can relaxing!




 Headshots by: Kalyn Mann Photography




Photography by: Lizzie schaffler photography


Photography by: Loren Jackson photography




Photography by: Kalyn Mann Photography

Photography by: Mann & Wife Visual Storytellers

Photography by: Loren Jackson photography,

Photography by: Lizzie schaffler photography

Photography by: Kayla lupean photography






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