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Alaina + Joey's Alabama Vows

November 5, 2018

Words from the Photographer about the inspiration: 


This shoot tells a beautiful story of friendship and love. Where would a bride be without her tribe? The women who have ferried her through life this far and are now taking one more important step together, supporting her. This shoot is a celebration of love, for the ones that stand beside you and the ones that stand behind you. It’s about celebrating the individuals as well as the couple. This shoot covers the beautiful story of close friends and a deep, passionate love between a bride and groom. Our journey takes you through the fun, happy times, all the way to the deeply romantic, quiet moments shared between the bride and groom.


They say every good man has a good woman standing behind him, well every good woman has her tribe behind her. That was proven during this shoot! It felt like everything that could go wrong, did. Our cake baker cancelled 15 hours before the shoot so the “tribe” got in the kitchen and came up with the beautiful bundt cake and petit four display. And they turned out delicious! Everyone enjoyed our plan b(undt) cakes! See what i did there Then, hours before the event, the mixologist totaled her car and could not make it. So we got on the phone with Mobile Mixology who provided custom drink recipes! One of our tribe just so happens to have a bartending background so she was able to mix up the lovely drinks featured below:

Honey, I got Thyme! Lemonade

1.5 oz Cathead honeysuckle vodka

Simple lemonade

.5oz thyme simple syrup

A few fresh lemon thyme sprigs

1 lemon thinly sliced into circles

Nugget ice

A Collins style glass

Fill glass 1/4 full with ice

Line the bottom of the glass with 2 lemon slices and a thyme sprigs in front of the slices (the lemon slices hold the sprig in place and the ice holds the lemon in place)

Add another 1/4, or so, of ice and make sure the bottom is packed tight

Repeat step 2 to create another level of fruit and herb

Repeat step 1 and 2 until the glass is full and packed tight with ice while the lemon and thyme sprigs create a beautiful glass lined decoration

Add the Cathead honeysuckle vodka slowly

Next, add the simple syrup

Top with lemonade

“Honey, you’ve got thyme for this lemonade!”

Southern Sangria

1.5oz Cathead honeysuckle vodka

Your favorite sparkling rose wine

Edible flowers

1 fresh mint sprig

Cubed ice

Wine glass

Make several layers of flowers first and ice on top. Repeat until ice is packed full in the wine glass.

Slowly pour in the Cathead honeysuckle vodka

Fill the rest of the glass with sparkling rose wine

Garnish with a big mint sprig (be sure to smack the mint between your hands to express the natural oils in the herb)


Since our shoot not only celebrates the relationship between bride and groom, but also bride and tribe, we decided to feature some beautiful and unique bridesmaids presents. To pamper her tribe, High Cotton Bath Company provided custom made bath products. High Cotton Bath Company is a really neat experience! You can customize the scent and color of their bath products to your event. I asked them to make the products smell like the beach and that is exactly where the scent transports me. Scents are such a strong memory trigger, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to go back, even for a moment, to the happiest day of your life just by putting on your custom lotion? Sticking with the bath products, a nail polish, which comes in handy on that day of wedding rush. Probably the most beautiful and unique bridesmaid gift is the custom made, hand lettered leather journal presented to each bridesmaid. For all of the beautiful memories shared, and all the memories yet to be made. The journals are part of a set including vow books and a guest book all in coordinating leather and lettering. Though they are modeling for us in this shoot, this couple is very real and yes, just as in love as they appear in camera. The vow book exchange is a quiet glimpse into one of the moments that truly matter on a wedding day. The vows of love made in private being just as important as the ceremony.


The bride also gets to have a private picnic by the lake with her tribe, to laugh and relax and enjoy her friends. The bride is wearing a custom designed gown by Wisteria Way Designs featuring battenburg lace cutouts. The bride tribe is also wearing gowns custom designed by Wisteria Way Designs, each gown reflecting the individuality of the wearer while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. We had the privilege of working with a local artist to commemorate the bride tribe gowns. The illustrations are another momento of that beautiful day.


The bride changed for the couples shoot into another custom designed gown by Wisteria Way Designs paired with handmade jewelry by Harvest Jewels. The gorgeous venue, Bella Sera Gardens, is in Loxley, AL. It is the perfect destination wedding spot. The grounds are beautiful, quiet and the open air cathedral is a true dream. From the luxurious hanging bed swings to the quaint lakes surrounded by quiet woods, to the flaming fountains, this venue is perfect. I could have written that this shoot is a boho bride’s dream. I could have written that the venue is a place that you could hold a million weddings at and no two would look the same. I could have written that a lot of the pieces fell apart and we kind of glued it all back together. But as a tribe of friends, we came together to make something even more beautiful than that.











Kruiz photography




Wisteria Way Designs

Gowns, coordinator, stylist



Bella Sera Garden



The southern atelier



Melissa Munger Art

Live painter, illustrator


Little Duck Calligraphy

calligraphy and stationery


High cotton bath company

Bath products, favors










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