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She Wore Flowers Bridal Boutique

December 21, 2018


Mira Dress by Milamira



Brides, grooms, industry peeps, basically EVERYONE- have you heard about She Wore Flowers? She Wore Flowers is a new online bridal boutique that sells beautiful, affordable and trusted indie labels. Ashley's boutique is 100% online and we are so excited to tell you all about her, the shop, her goals and how she dreamt of this dreamy idea. Also guys at the end of this we are going to tell you about what they are giving away for the month of December and its unlike anything we have heard before in the industry. WHOOO!! 


Flora Headpiece by Abigail Grace Bridal



Here are some things we got to talk to Ashley about: 


How did Ashley get into the bridal business?! 

"I had taken a short interior design course in my early 20s, and as I was doing that I was blogging about design and decor. I felt a natural pull towards wedding decor and gorgeous table settings, and before I knew it my posts were expanding into wedding trends! I was living in a small city called Bath in England at the time, and one day I actually saw an ad in the newspaper looking for a manager of a bridal shop. I was only about 22 and had never officially managed a store before (and to be honest I had no retail experience either), but I thought what the heck, can't hurt! So I applied and was totally surprised when I ended up getting the job. I've always been really thankful for the woman who took that chance on me. Without this opportunity maybe I never would have entered the industry. While I was doing this, I was also selling hand made fabric flower bouquets on Etsy (my first of many side hustles to come). For the years following that, I was in and out of the bridal industry in both London, England and Vancouver, Canada"



Birdcage veil by January Rose Bridal



The Inspiration behind She Wore Flowers: 

"I had actually left the bridal industry and moved on to different management roles within design and publishing companies in London, but I've always felt the extreme pull to work for myself. I just knew though that I needed the idea. I needed something that people wanted, would be helped by, and something that needed to exist, and it literally took years for me to think of it. Me and my other half moved back to Canada in the spring of 2017, and the idea suddenly popped into my brain one night as I was falling asleep. I knew based on my experience helping friends with their wedding planning that shopping online for quality bridal products was hard. I was frustrated by all the poor quality listings, both as a buyer and as someone who had utilized the big craft marketplaces before as a seller. A new marketplace, completely dedicated to bridal and occasions products, trusted sellers, gorgeous photography. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand and wrote it in my notes app so that I wouldn't forget it come morning, and from then onwards I was finalizing my concept for She Wore Flowers!" 


 Venezia Bracelet and Earrings by Edera




How does Ashely picks her designers: 

"The big thing that stops customers from purchasing big ticket or sentimental items online is the trust factor, so I knew I needed to address this. There's two main pre-requisites that a seller needs to meet in order to be accepted to sell on SWF. Designers must have great customer reviews, and excellent product photography. Reviews and photography can really tell you everything you need to know about a product and the seller behind it. In these reviews you'll read about the excellent communication that the seller provided, you'll hear about how special the item was when the customer received it, that the packaging was gorgeous, that the item was even more beautiful than in the photos. If an unforeseen issue did arrive, did the seller provide support? Was the customer cared for? These are the things we really look for. With photography, professional grade is a must, and I know that many sellers out there, especially new businesses that are thinking "I can't hire a photographer!" may be discouraged by this, but don't be! You do not need to hire an expensive photographer to yield gorgeous photos. There's lots of tips and tricks online on how to achieve this on your own, even with your phone camera. Natural lighting is a biggie" 


Theodora Juliet Cap Veil by Couture Bridal Accessories



Online? Location? 


She Wore Flowers is completely online right now! Their goal is to continue to attract new awesome designers from all over the world to sell on the platform, and the vast majority of the sellers ship worldwide, so this concept really allows them to have a global reach with is awesome. 


Each Month She Wore Flowers is giving away items from their designers, FOLLOW THEM NOW so you can check it out every month






"This month we're giving away two gorgeous prizes! One lucky winner will get to choose any wedding dress from SWF Designer, Amelia! The second lucky winner will get to choose between two stunning accessories by Abigail Grace Bridal - the Grace Bolero, or the Wisteria Headpiece! To enter, you can simply visit our website homepage and you'll see the link to the contest page" - Ashley 


Dress Above is the Dreamy Wedding Dress by Amelia


Wisteria Headpiece




Grace Bolero



Social Links to enter the contest! 

Home page: 








All Photos posted in this post are connected to She Wore Flowers and provided by She Wore Flowers. 




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