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Magical Military Georgia Wedding

July 4, 2019

Words from the photographer: 


Logan and Matt's magical military Georgia wedding was nothing short of a dream. Every detail and sentimental moment came together to create the most beautiful day. 


Logan is very close with her father, and wanted to be sure to do a first look with him before doing one with Matt. The love that the two of them share had us all teary-eyed.


When asked about her relationship with her father, Logan said:

"As my dad walked up the stairs to see me, he had to take a second to collect himself before I turned around. That moment was so special. He gave me the biggest bear hug and told me how proud he was of me. That moment is one I will treasure forever. The wedding gift I decided to give my dad was a pair of cufflinks. The date and 'father of the bride' were written on one and the other had his favorite picture of us from when I was little. My dad and I have a strong bond; it's really hard to describe. He is the biggest sports fan and outdoorsman, but he is the best girl dad there is. He is our biggest fan and always in my corner. I am so happy we had that special moment with just us two before making our walk down the aisle."


Matt and Logan met in high school her senior year and his junior year. Not long after meeting, they began dating and continued dating for a total of six years. All six years were long distance as Logan left for college in Mississippi and Matt went off to college in New York. Their wedding celebrated the end of doing long distance for them, which made the day even more special. 



"Long-distance is definitely not easy, but when you know, it's worth it to make the best out of each moment you have together. In total Matt and I were long-distance for six years, so that made the wedding day super exciting! That morning I had this surreal feeling knowing that the distance was no longer going to be between us and we were going to be able to live life together! Matt and I had always talked about the day we would be in the same place, and it was the craziest mix of emotions as the day that we had hoped for became a reality. Matt and I both agree that although being long distance was hard and took a lot of effort it forced us to learn to communicate with one another and to make the most of every five-minute phone call and the presence of those around you."


Logan expressed that her inspiration for the wedding design was really focused around her and Matt's personalities. They are both simple people who love being outside in the country. Logan wanted soft colors for an elegant feel with lush greenery and wood accents to play up the barn venue. It all came together so perfectly!


"With the guest list growing I began to brainstorm some things that would set our wedding apart from others we had been to. That's when I remembered a high school church retreat where my pastor explained the significance of foot washings in the Bible. I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate a foot washing into our ceremony for a number of reasons. The most prominent reason was that our first action as husband and wife would be an act of service to each other. Our entire relationship has had the central theme of service, being long distance you have to put a lot of effort into serving the other while away. Matt and I also strive to live a life of service in our careers; Matt made the decision awhile ago that it was a desire of his to serve our country and I am eager to begin my career as a marriage therapist serving all the families and couples I come in contact with. Once the foot washing began the tears were flowing strong. Matt and I had the opportunity to pray over each other as we washed each others feet and Matt said, 'I have never felt the Lord's presence with the two of us more than I did in that moment.' The act of washing feet was so raw and unrehearsed and intimate that it was perfect to me. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life." - Logan



After the sun went down, the party began. Matt's military friends created a grand entrance for the couple and the first dances were beautiful. Logan's father gave a heart-felt speech about his little girl and the lady she has become. You could tell that his love for her as well as Matt is strong. It was a perfect day!























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