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Lakeside Wedding in North Carolina

November 14, 2019

From the couple:


How did you meet? 

1. We met on The funny part was that it actually took us 4 different potential dates to actually meet. We both had to cancel once due to last minute work obligations. Then he had a concussion and had to go to the Emergency Department. We were both beginning to think that maybe it was not meant to be. But once we actually went out things went so smoothly! There was no game playing and we both enjoyed each others' company immensely. The only wrinkle with our first date was that Mike parked in a garage that closed after 7PM and so he could not get his car back. He ended up calling the garage owner and paying a hefty fee to get his car back that night! A small price to pay for meeting the love of his life. :) We really never had to cancel any dates after that first one!


What has been your favorite moment together? 

2. That's a tough question because we have had so many wonderful moments it is hard to decide on one! Mike and I always have fun together, we have great chemistry and he has an amazing sense of humor, but that was not enough to seal the deal. I am someone who is pretty content most of the time but when things go wrong I really reach out to my close friends and family for support. It was of utmost importance to me that my partner be able to provide emotional support and not cower away when the going gets rough. Without going into too much detail, I had a patient at work with whom I really made a mistake and I felt absolutely horrible. It was the first time Mike had ever seen me sobbing and really shaken. He did not freak out or distance himself or try to make light of it. He did not try and fix it for me, he just held me and listened. I knew then that whatever obstacles we encountered together through the years, we would be able to weather them together.


How did Mike propose? 

3. Mike proposed to me in the RLT Rose Garden! It was funny because he told me that they were giving out roses at the garden but I knew there were none in bloom because we had just been there the weekend before. But we went anyways and he had bought me some roses that he gave me before he got down on one knee and proposed. It is a very special spot for us and we recently bought the house across the street from the gardens! So serendipitous!



Before I met Mike I'd been single for a while so I never wanted to "count my chickens" before I got engaged by thinking about my future wedding. So when it came time to plan the wedding, I tried to stay true to us as a couple, emphasizing what was important to us-- the songs, the setting, the officiant. For instance, we love the outdoors and so we were really wanting our wedding to have an outdoor component-- fortunately that worked out for us! I also find it to be so special when a couple writes their own vows; I think it adds such a nice personal touch. It can be very difficult to stay above the hype of the wedding industry; but I really tried to focus on the meaning in what we were actually doing instead of obsessing about the details. Fortunately, I had an amazing planner, vendors and my mom to help me out with those details.











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